The Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 17 Xbox still offline

After two weeks, the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team mode has not yet returned to normal on Xbox.

It is normal that some players are starting to get desperate, especially if we consider carrying unable to enjoy the Ultimate Team mode FIFA 17 for two weeks. This problem is only affecting one of the platforms where the game is available: Xbox.

Electronic Arts knocked servers so Ultimate Team FIFA 17 for some problems that were sufirendo. However, it also reported that it would soon be available again for most players.This was on November 20 and today we still have no news.

FIFA Ultimate Team mode is important 17

We are not talking about a minor feature or somehow very secondary game, because for years, so the Ultimate Team FIFA 17 has proven to be one of the most special and valued by the players. In it, we can create our own team and compete in multiplayer games against other players in the world. FIFA 17 Cheats

We assume that probelmas Ultimate Team FIFA 17 on Xbox will be solved sooner rather than later, or at least we hope so. All players on all platforms should be able to seamlessly access all game modes. The company still does not provide information.

Improvements in the new update of FIFA 17

Electronic Arts has made official the list of changes coming in the new update of FIFA 17 . This new patch is now available in the PC version of the title, while expected to arrive in the coming days to all console versions .

This new update of FIFA 17  incorporates several improvements in virtually all sections of the game, including the gameplay itself, the Ultimate Team mode or weather, among other features. One of the most criticized sections, fog in multiplayer games, will also be solved.

This incorporates the new update of FIFA 17

Regarding the Ultimate Team mode, with the new update of FIFA 17 you can make rapid changes in market prices transfer, climate problems are also solved (yes, I discussed above with mist) and can search teams by nationality.

Regarding the gameplay itself itself, this new update of FIFA 17 will improve the accuracy of the ball when it goes off the field, receiving passes some players will also be improved and re-balance the sprint in dribbling. Astuce FIFA 17 Coins